AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn & Spring 2022 Matric – MA

AIOU Solved Assignment 2022 Matric – MA

Dear students,

Recently you solved an assignment and sent it to us. We reached the conclusion that the solution doesn’t work. The reason for this error might be:

– You didn’t follow our guidelines given in the assignment document

– Your solution is not clear enough and we couldn’t understand what your program does.

– Your solution contains a lot of errors.

We hope that you solved this assignment on your own and that you kept in mind our guidelines while doing so. Because these problems happen from time to time we have decided to provide a short manual, containing the general guidelines for all assignments, which will help you to better understand what we expect from your submission.

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Submitting an assignment that does not follow these guidelines will either delay your evaluation or result in a failing grade for this assignment.

We would like to note that the following rules apply to all aiou solved assignments, solved online and solved offline.

In addition to this article we have created a document which should guide you through the aiou solved assignment process. We recommend to read this guide before submitting your solved assignment, so you are aware of all the things regarding solved assignments.

The aiou solved assignment manual can be found at:


Don’t hesitate to call us in case of any questions.


Your teacher


Guidelines for aiou solved assignment (online) submissions:

You need to submit your aiou solved assignment online by using the website There you’ll find a submission form where you can upload your aiou solved assignment as an .html file or submit it by providing the code in the online-textarea. The following things are important for your solved assignment to be correctly evaluated:

– You need to name your aiou solved assignment using the exact same name as written in the assignment document.

– Your aiou solved assignment needs to be a .html file – do not use any other formats such as .pdf or docx.

– Make sure you have added proper stylesheet to your solved assignment. This can be done by using the “Preview” mode. You can either use our provided stylesheet (in folder solved_assignments/online ) or write your own rule(s).

– Make sure you have solved all parts of the assignment. If you solved only some parts of the assignment, this will result in a failing grade for this aiou solved assignment.

– Make sure your solved assignment is shorter than 10kB. Otherwise it will be cut off by our system.

– Make sure you have solved the assignment on your own, without looking at other students’ solutions. In case we find out that somebody has looked at somebody else’s solution to this assignment, we’ll take a fail grade for the solved assignment.

– Your solved assignment needs to show all steps needed to solve the problem and a detailed explanation of the solved task. If we cannot follow your solution and see how it works, we’ll take a fail grade for the aiou solved assignment.

– Use proper English language. Make sure that you have used correct spelling and that your solved assignment has no grammar or spelling mistakes. Otherwise we’ll take a fail grade for the solved assignment.

Your aiou solved assignment needs to adhere to all instructions. If your solved assignment contains any errors (like syntax issues), this will result in a failing grade for the solved assignment.

If you have submitted your solved assignment correctly, you’ll receive an email that contains the notification of successful submission. It may take up to 3 days until we got back to you with a solved assignment evaluation result. In case we cannot evaluate your solved assignment, for example because it does not adhere to the rules as stated above, you’ll receive an email that will inform you about those issues and at which point you can fix those problems.

In case we find that you have actually copied someone else’s solution for this solved assignment, we’ll take a fail grade for the solved assignment.

By submitting your solved assignment, you agree to all rules as stated above. Also remember that aiou solved assignments are done on your own and should not be copied from any other source.

If you want to re-submit your aiou solved assignment for evaluation, you can do it by using the “Re-submit solved assignment” button on your solved assignment submission page.

As soon as we have evaluated youraiou solved assignment, you’ll receive an email about the result of the evaluation. In case you get a fail grade for this aiou solved assignment, please remember that it is not possible to re-submit this solved assignment again – only the next solved assignments.